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Michael Jackson treats beggars in this way

Written By Myranda Diana on Friday, August 2, 2013 | 3:30 AM

Michael Jackson
Behind all the controversy during life, it turns out there is an impressive thing ever done by Michael Jackson. The man known as the King of Pop is proved to have heart truly generous.

It was revealed Michael's mother, Katherine, during an interview with the magazine Hello! some time ago. Every time he met a beggar would stop, forward and give money.

"What I like about Michael is a generous attitude. I say this not because he's my son, but because he is indeed one of the best. When I saw people standing in the corners of the city, he would stop the car and give all the money in his wallet. Amount be U.S. $ 200 to U.S. $ 400, "he said.

82 year old woman was also revealed that there was no one else who can replace Michael in his heart. Aside from being a good boy, singer song Heal the World was also the best father for her children.

Unfortunately, it happened to Michael's tragic fate. In 2009, he died of an overdose of propofol. Because of this case, his personal physician, Conrad Murray jailed.

Michael Jackson treats beggars in this way
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