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Written By Myranda Diana on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 | 11:23 PM

SM * SH or Seven Men as Seven Heroes is a band from Indonesia which was formed by Starsignal on April 10, 2010. This band consists of 7 members, namely Rafael, Rangga, Morgan, Bisma, Dicky, Reza, and Ilham. Genre of music that they bring is a pop-dance.Nama SM * SH is an abbreviation of "Seven Men as Seven Heroes" has the meaning heroes means they want to inspire young people to create positive. The letter "A" is using the symbol of being inspired from the name of the management of SM * SH Starsignal. SM * SH is currently also working under the label "Ancora Music" since the mid 2011.Album first studio that has been released entitled to foreign countries such as the name itself boybandnya SM * SH who has led three successful singles including I Heart You. SM * SH boyband make Indonesian music industry to be changed during the year 2011 which Awalanya homage to pop-Malay and generally delivered by now dominated flow grupband pop-dance/electro performed by boyband girlband even new.

SM * SH at first consisted of 3 members, namely Dicky, Ilham and Reza. Then Morgan and Bhishma in, then followed by Rangga and Rafael. Most of them originated from the dancers, there also have background singers, and some other personnel who had joined the band play. By Starsignal, they are included in the training camp. Here they honed their ability in terms of singing and dancing. They are also equipped with the science of public speaking. Training camp lasted for 5 months. Initial foray into the world of entertainment, SM * SH follow dance competition held by Cinta Laura, they are also a dancer in The single. Then in October 2010, the debut of the first single released SM * SH. The single titled "I Heart You". The song was also re-released and re-arranged by the artist along with the Opera Van Java Adul named "SM # SH" (read smosh) and changed its title to "Cenat Cenut".
Smash Boyband
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